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Thank you for your interest in Power Press™.  Since, introducing this revolutionary push up product in February 2012, Power Press™ has generated great feedback and interest from customers, distributors and resellers.  Therefore, we are excited to offer this product to distributors/resellers for national and international distribution.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor/reseller, please contact our Sales Department using the form below.

Join the Power Press™ Revolution by partnering with us!  Power Press™ will maximize workouts like never before.  PLUG, PRESS & PERFORM with Power Press™!

WARNING:  Power Press™ Push Up is a patented, copyrighted, and trademarked product by Maximum Fitness Gear™ and is protected by US and International laws.  This item is sold exclusively by the following authorized distributors:  Amazon, Hayneedle/Plumstruck, Maximum Fitness Gear, Groupon, and Dunham’s Sports.

Maximum Fitness Gear Inc. will not honor any product warranty if item is purchased from non-authorized sellers.  BEWARE OF COUNTERFEIT VERSIONS!  Buy from authorized sellers only.

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