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Start your push up journey with Power Press

by Louw van Riet

Start your push up journey with Power Press

The push-up is without a doubt one of the most beneficial exercises you can do. A primary movement in strength training, push-ups alone offer a full-body exercise that doesn't require cumbersome machines or equipment. Plus, as the foundation of most upper body strength training routines, it's an exercise everyone should do regularly! 

However, the push-up is also a movement that many people do incorrectly. Fortunately, with the Power Press push-up board, you have a tool that allows you to do push-ups with proper form easily and reduces strain on your wrists.

When it comes to push-ups, your posture and positioning while doing the push up is crucial. Each push-up needs to be done with the correct form so that the total repetitions that you measure from workout to workout can be compared equally. 

An easy example to illustrate this is if you did 50 push-ups yesterday with proper form. Then today, you did 100 push-ups by only going halfway down on your declines, arching your back up, using different hand positions, etc.; it's impossible to tell if you got any stronger.

Power Press solves this issue by making it so much easier to plug the grips into the color-coded position of your choice and do equivalent repetitions, which you can then measure and compare more accurately from work out to work out. 

Doing 50 push-ups on the Power Press color-coded position C4 (images below) with proper form is the same from day to day. This, along with all the other positions conveniently coded onto the board, makes targeting specific muscles and measuring the results much more efficient. We are certain that you will see the benefits when you use it

Let's dive a bit deeper into what we mean when we say "proper form.” When you place your hands on the grips in any position on the board and set your body into the push-up position, your head should be looking slightly forward (not completely downward), your feet should be a comfortable space apart. Your body should be straight from your neck to your heels (no arch in the back). You should also firm your glutes and abs to engage your core muscles.

Here's why you should focus on proper form over high quantity:

  1. 10 proper push-ups and 10 bad ones are difficult to quantify against 15 proper push-ups.
  2. If you can only do 10, write down your results and aim for 11 next time.
  3. Perfect form allows you to keep track of your improvements week over week.
  4. Proper form using the Power Press handle grips helps reduce strains on your wrists, resulting from doing lots of incorrect push-ups. 

We believe that by engaging yourself with the Power Press push-up board, you will be doing faultless push-ups in no time, and you will get the amazing benefits of doing one of the best exercises – Push-Ups!